What was my journey and how did I overcome obstacles?

I wasn’t always this positive.  Surprising, I know because you will learn that I am a hoot now. Loving life, jumping around full of energy, wanting to try new experiences all the time and just generally being a sociable, funny person. I found my inner child again. I use to be called ‘Looney Lara’ as a child, and I lost that along the way in between my stress, depression and general feeling of loss and darkness. I was generally very negative and miserable.

In my 20’s, I struggled with depression moving from counsellors to anti-depressants. I always felt different to people, lost, and I just thought that was me.

My life consisted of stress; alcohol, medication or painkillers, irregular sleep patterns and overly processed foods because I needed quick meals so they were generally microwaveable.

I thrashed myself in the gym 7 days a week and would try the latest fad diet as I wanted to look good for my events and just in general when I was socializing. I tried a shake diet for 7 days, a liquid diet consisting predominantly of aloe vera, and supplements, an all meat diet to name but a few.

After years, of suffering from a series of medical conditions that I never seemed to be able to get under control, I started working with a friend who was training to be a functional doctor who opened my eyes to candida, SIBO, parasites and leaky gut. I introduced supplements like oregano and digestive enzymes and was on breakfast smoothies consisting of protein, chia seeds and lots of green vegetables. Stress was still part of my life as I was always striving for more and more to be challenged with. Things were improving a little as I was taught how to breathe properly through my belly and became a lot more aware of how my body felt which made me realise that I was not meant to feel this way and there was still work to do to understand why my digestion was so bad.

I took an intolerance test that came back as positive for yeast, eggs and cows milk. Surprisingly, not gluten however it had been beneficial for me to stay away from it. Lentils and peaches also came back as positive to intolerances much to my surprise.

For over 10 years I was back and forth with diets and exercises. My health saw me study numerous nutritional courses and test out a variety of alternative therapies such as colonic irrigation, acupuncture, chiropractic, hypnotherapy, meditation, counselling and massage. I tried an array of exercises such as yoga, tango, salsa, Pilates, Crossfit, HIIT, strength training, powerlifting, even entered a bikini fitness competition to which I came fourth to my surprise. I was always researching and testing things, determined to be the healthiest person I was entitled to be.

I dealt with friends and family constantly asking me what latest diet I was on, questioning why I am always doing something different with my health and feeling embarrassed when socialising because I didn’t want attention drawn to me about my food or drink choices. I dealt with doctors brushing off my symptoms with a laxative making me think I was a hypochondriac all the time.

I know so much more about my body than I ever did and I am aware of how it reacts to things. Everyone is different and that is how I work as a health coach.  I am not a qualified personal performance coach as I believe that you need to take a holistic approach with your health by not only looking at your food or your exercise but your mindset and the stresses you have on your body.

  • Invested in my health – more than £20k
  • Enrolled in courses
  • Research everything to do with health
  • Tested weird & wacky health trends
  • Hospitalised twice
  • Tried an array of supplements, pills & shakes
  • Live with intolerances
  • Stress was my norm

Fitness Instructor Level 2

Personal Trainer Level 3

Diploma in Nutrition

Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching

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