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Are you drinking too much water?

I’m going to say something that goes against everything us fitness professionals recommend…

…stop drinking so much water!

OK stick with me.

I know I’m the biggest fan of drinking a lot of water, I love it.

As a family we have always prided ourselves on drinking lots of water.

It helps with everything so I’m not saying stop drinking water haha.

I’m suggesting we drink lour recommended amount and stop focussing on getting as much in as possible.

Fitness professionals pride themselves on downing a load of water first thing in the morning and carrying giant bottles around with them.

“I drink lots of water, look at me”.

I did it too.

BUT, I’m also one for research, evidence and learning from an array of professionals.

Soooo after having a discussion with Kylie Rankin - a physiotherapist specialising in bladders and pelvic floors, I was shocked by what she told me.

“You’re drinking too much water Lara”.


But I’m in health and fitness. I tell my clients to drink lots of water.

I am use to drinking about. 3-4 litres daily.

Peoples liquid volume depends on their body mass and definitely won’t be 4 litres.

Having so much fluid in my bladder was adding a lot of strain, not only on the bladder but on my pelvic floor.

Yes guys, you have a pelvic floor too!!

This can lead to a number of issues, and not right now, but in the future.

I only need around 1-1.5ltrs daily as a female weighing around 60-70kgs.

Aaaaaaand my liquid quote also includes coffee, tea, liquid from fruit and veg etc.

Her recommendation was to monitor my liquid consumption and notice if I was actually needing the fluids or if it was just a habit.

To my surprise, it was a habit.

I have noticed a change in my pelvic floor as well as not feeling the pressure to drink all day and carry around a large bottle of water everywhere I go.

OK I want to hear from fitness professionals now, what do you think about this post??

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