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“I want to tighten my wobbly bits”.

A common goal my mums seem to have when I ask what they want to achieve and why they’re keen to train.

Now, I’m not a trainer who loves weight loss goals because mums, you’re so much more than your weight and you deserve love whatever size you are.

Plus, focussing on your weight is not about health. You can be heavier if you’ve not slept or if you haven’t had a poo or on your period, or drank a lot of liquid.

One of my clients has lost weight and now she’s staying the same and getting leaner, stronger and more defined.

Her dressmaker for her wedding keeps asking what she’s doing because she has to keep altering her dress, haha.

She’s a client who came to me initially asking if she should inject herself to remove fat, controlled her calories and punished herself exercising (I must burn X number of calories to eat).

She also HAD leaking issues (urinary incontinence).

Today she doesn’t calorie count, loves eating what she fancies and comes to train purely for strength and mobility goals.

She’s an inspiring woman.

When training mums there are always some similarities because we’ve all grown babies and got them out of our bodies some how.

A key focus always needs to be on breathwork, core and pelvic floor.

However, strong glutes are super important!!

They help with proper pelvic alignment, propulsion during walking and running, and balance.

Your butt also helps support the lower back during lifting (yes children) and can prevent knee, hip and back injuries.

Butt (nice pun drop), my point is, your glutes are a BIG muscle so getting it strong and perky can actually help you get leaner all over as well and improve your metabolism.

WIN WIN all over in my opinion.

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