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Mums need to be trained differently…

Let’s call it ‘functional’, but what does that word even mean?

Well, how I see it is mums move, ALOT, even more so than before we had babies. And we move in all different directions too.

I Remember before I had a child I would sit at a desk job, sit down for lunch, sit and chat to people.

Can you relate?

Now I stand up and down picking crap off the floor, often with a child on a hip, making food and doing the washing.

Our bodies have changed during pregnancy and mums deserve the best training to get strong and function at their best to handle mum life.

So we don’t get injured just bending over to grab something.

With a focus on a strong core, pelvic floor, butt and back.

This is why mums should train functionally…not rigid, static movements using only one muscle at a time.

Plus we don’t have time on our side so getting the best bang for our buck is key.

There is a place for isolated exercise when we need to focus on weaker areas but in general, mums move, so we need to train that way.

Check out this little video of a few little strength exercises that are functional, fun and focus on things mum do everyday.

Training this way helps prevent injury.

It’s all well and good telling us to not carry a child on one hip or don’t bend over when getting things from the floor…

BUT, in the moment, it happens so lets train to be able to do these things.

What mum movement do you do everyday that you wish you had more strength to do??

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