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Heal, recover and ultimately thrive in your postpartum period by getting th right nutrients. This area of support for mums is just not talked about. There is focus on pregnancy and foods to not eat and supplements to take, but what about the important period of postpartum and those first 2 years after growing a human and then birthing many mums are left on their own with a focus only on weight loss and bouncing back.


What about mental health, energy, moods, sleep, digestion, hormones, healing wounds etc??


The focus needs to be on mum and not baby.


In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • The physiology of postpartum recovery and why 6-weeks is not longer enough to just 'bounce back'.

  • Foods to focus on inorder to support recovery and replenish nutrient stores, fast.

  • Supplements to consider.

  • Special section on postpartum weight loss and body image.

  • Role of nutritional status on mental & emotional health.

  • Portion control without counting calories.

  • Simple recipes with nourishing twists for maximum recovery including a 7 day breakdown of a food plan you could follow.


These recipes are have gluten free options are nourishing and simple.  There's even a few if you have other little ones to feed.


(Special thanks to the Women's Health Nutrition Academy (WHNA) and RD Lily Nichols).

FOOD GUIDE: Nourish, heal, recover & thrive postpartum

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