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Welcome to 'How to Take Care of Yourself' Postpartum Guide. Everything I wish I knew postpartum and more.


The term "postpartum recovery" is often used to describe the first six to 12 weeks after you give birth, but your physical and mental recovery from pregnancy and birth may take much longer (it did me).


It also seems the Western World is the only one that gives such a short deadline to recover from such a massive impact on your body and life.


People often talk about how to care for a baby once they're born, but what about the mothers! So much has changed; family dynamics, your sense of self, your body shape and much more so this all plays into your recovery and healing.


In this guide we will cover:

  • A real breakdown timeline of what happens to you physically and emotionally postpartum.
  • Symptoms to notice postpartum.
  • Western medical vs. traditional postpartum practices.
  • Common mum questions answered around things that aren't talked about but need to such as bleeding, hairloss, haemorroids and more.
  • Blood tests to consider and when.
  • Return to exercise/movement.
  • Mental health support.
  • What Self care really is for a mum.
  • How to find your village of mums.
  • Where to get the best support for everything postpartum.

SELF CARE GUIDE: How to look after yourself postpartum

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