Fitness & Nutrition (Advice, Guidance and Motivation)

For people who want to improve their digestion and general gut health, boost their energy and moods, improve fitness levels and just generally feel better about themselves. Programmes available on a 4, 8 and 12 week basis depedning on your health goals.

I work with you to create the healthy lifestyle you want and make it manageable and realistic.


Be more body confident


Increase your energy levels


Boost your moods


Improve your overall fitness


Learn what foods and exercise work for your body


Feel supported and motivated

Contact me for more information on the type of program that would suit your health goals.

Guildford Bootcamps >>> MORE INFORMATION.

Personal Training 1-2-1: £60 per session or £200 for 4 sessions.

Kickstarter Program – 4 weeks.

Created to kickstart you into the health you desire and get you on the right track to reach your health goals and dreams.


Gut Instincts program 12 weeks.

The only 1-2-1 gut health program designed tailored to the individual to help improve your digestive discomfort. 

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