The 8 week Gut Instincts Program is designed for women who have any or all of the below:

  • Digestion Issues?
  • Low Moods?
  • Bad Skin?
  • Bloated?
  • Weight Struggles?
  • Low Energy?
  • Heavy or Irregular Periods?
  • Cravings?
  • Poor Sleep?
  • Stressed or Anxious?

Dear Rejuvenated Health Seeker,

I know that right now you’re struggling with:


Your world revolving around toilet accessibility.


Doctors telling you nothing is wrong, yet you’re still bloated and struggling with gas and constipation.


Not knowing what foods to eat for the best, as they all seem to cause stomach upset so you just starve yourself.


Your stomach hurting and gargling every day.


Life feeling limited: Limited in what you can eat and limited in where you can go out.


Eating being a constant game of Russian roulette.

The biggest concern you have…..

Is not knowing what to do for the best anymore. You don’t want to except that you will always have a tummy and comfy clothes will be a way of life.

 You want so badly to be that woman who:

·       Lights up when you catch your full body reflection in the mirror

·       Wears fitted clothes that glide over your flat tummy

·       Feels refreshed and rejuvenated every day.

·       Craves exercise because you have so much energy.

·       Is able to socialise around food and drink with friends and family.

·       Enjoys all the foods you love without causing your stomach to swell.

·       Loses weight without irritating your stomach or starving yourself.

·       Joins a yoga class without worrying about the gassy repercussions.

And most of all….

You want to feel in control of your health and your bowels so you can enjoy life again.

The Problem is.

You have been comparing yourself to other people rather than listening to your own body.


Your doctor has told you that nothing is wrong so you give in to the discomfort that it must just be your body?

You have tried restrictive diets like lowFODMap, gluten free or dairy free and when you ‘fall off the wagon’ your discomfort is back or even worse?

You are just living on digestive enzymes, Imodium, Buscopan and anything else that relieves the discomfort for a while?

You are trialing so many different diets, exercises and techniques that you don’t know what is working and you feel overwhelmed, confused and frustrated.

You’re a stressed or anxious person and that seems to make things worse and you go round in circles because you then stress about your digestion?

You keep waiting for more tests to be done believing that something must be really wrong?

If you feel weak sometimes from not eating because you have plans the next day, come on, that’s a sign things need to change.

Life is too short to be suffering – BOOK a FREE Health Breakthrough Session.

“I am a nurse and work with Lara’s mum who introduced me to her as I had been recently diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and needed dietary advice. I was also taking Roaccutane for my skin problems and was concerned about coming off them. Lara patiently went through my lifestyle, exercise regime, current dietary intake, fluids and stresses.

It became abundantly clear that I was consuming completely the wrong foods and fluids. I consumed far too much caffeine and processed drinks for a start. My first step was to cut out Diet Coke and squash and drink more water. My skin, which had always been problematic, started to improve. I changed my diet from the advice given from heavily carbohydrate based to more protein rich involving meats, nuts, avocado and bone broth! We regularly went through my diet intake to refine certain elements.

Lara also introduced me to some lifestyle tips. I am a regular runner but I struggle to relax my mind at times. I used a meditation app that was suggested by Lara, which is brilliant.

Over the past 10 weeks I have lost just under a stone, my skin is nearly perfect, I feel better in my mood and feel healthier all round. I am no longer taking Roaccutane either. Lara is an excellent life coach I would highly recommend her services”.

Caroline Smith

Lovely lady…. it’s time to take a deep breath….

You don’t have to give up when you have come so far….its your health after all and what is more important than that?

How much money, time and energy have you spent so far trying to figure things out?

Stop stressing and worrying about what to do for the best.


I am Lara Jezeph and life is too short to stress and worry, trust me, it only leads to more unnecessary health problems. I am a health coach who has a particular passion for those suffering with gut health problems like IBS, food intolerances, low energy and moods and achy joints.

I am a qualified life coach, personal trainer and nutritional advisor and I am have successfully removed my inflammation and food intolerances.

I know what you’re going through right now. Why do you think I can write exactly about your health concerns and frustrations? Because I have been where you are now and there IS light at the end of the tunnel. I am living it RIGHT NOW!

For over 10 years I was back and forth with diets, new techniques and exercises, which became overwhelming. There is such a thing as too much information. I was always researching and testing things, determined to be the healthiest person I was entitled to be.


Oh my god, the bloating was so uncomfortable and upsetting. I didn’t really suffer much from constipation, it was more the diarrhea and oh my god the gas. My farts stank. So much so that I couldn’t even stomach them and I never knew when they were going to hit either. I worked in a nightclub and being around people in such close proximity was highly embarrassing when they thought that the drains were a problem when really it was my gut rot. I had no idea what to do for the best.


I dealt with friends and family constantly asking me what latest diet I was on, questioning why I am always doing something different with my health and feeling embarrassed when socialising because I didn’t want attention drawn to me about my food or drink choices.


I dealt with doctors brushing off my symptoms with laxatives and Imodium making me think I was a hypochondriac. I didn’t want to follow the low FODMap diet because it confused the hell out of me, fucking green, amber, red telling me what I can and can’t eat.

In short, I:

  • Suffered with depression throughout my 20’s
  • Invested in my health – more than £20k, maybe even more?!
  • Enrolled in numerous courses
  • Researched everything I could find to do with health. 
  • Tested weird & wacky health trends; one being homemade coffee enemas, what a sight that was.
  • Was hospitalised twice for infections
  • Tried an array of supplements, pills and shakes. 
  • Lived with intolerances to dairy, yeast, gluten, eggs and lentils. We had to get very inventive when it came to birthday cakes as you can imagine. How do you make a bloody cake with no eggs, flour, raising agent or milk?
  • Treated stress and anxiety as the norm, which meant a lot of alcohol, no sleep and painkillers to get me through.


I love life, jumping around full of energy, wanting to try new experiences all the time and just generally being a sociable, funny person. I found my inner child again.


Biggest news of all: I have successfully removed all of my food intolerances 🙂


I didn’t realise how limiting things were when you have to check the labels of every food item or ask the waiter to check the ingredients of everything on the menu. It’s exhilarating and I ate a tiramisu. Oh I have wanted one of those for ages and it was beautiful.


I know so much more about my body than I ever did and I am aware of how it reacts to things whether its exercise, stress or food. Everyone is different and that is how I work as a health coach.


I am now a qualified personal life coach, personal trainer and nutritional advisor. I know that you need to take a holistic approach with health by not only looking at food or exercise but also mindset and the stresses we put on our bodies everyday.


And now I want to help you achieve the same with your health…WHY?

Because I know that to improve your health on the outside we have to sort out the inside. We need to strip things back to basics and stop the overwhelm of marketing crap. No more quick fixes, meal replacement diets, calorie counting and excessive exercise rubbish. When it comes to getting the body of your dreams, its simple…but that doesn’t mean its easy!  You’re going to strengthen your intuition and understand what suits your body, because you’re the only one who knows it best. Doing this will last a lifetime rather than a ‘diet time’ that you have to keep doing.




Stop letting other people tell you about your health and start listening to the only person who really knows their body, YOU!

I don’t want you to keep suffering like I did, which is why I created Gut Instincts.


What can I expect from the 8 weeks Gut Instincts program?

Gut Instincts. The only group health-coaching program for women who want to: Live the healthiest version of themselves, inside and out….without food intolerances that are stopping you from getting vibrant skin and hair, a toned bod, loads of energy, happiness and confidence. 

This coaching package not only empowers you to be the healthiest version of yourself, it gives you the understanding of what works for YOUR body and gives you back your body confidence. Take control of your gut for your future.


I will empower you to take responsibility for your health to implement and sustain lifestyle and behaviour changes that will contribute your digestion goals.

Digestive triggers

You will have access to my tried and tested tools, knowledge and experience that will fit into your lifestyle to target your digestive problems and understand what triggers symptoms.

Positive Energy

Think of me as your positivity coach, always challenging your limiting beliefs and helping to boost your mood. Your energy and positive outlook with be sky high when I am done with you.

Support & Motivation

While you’re implementing this new healthy lifestyle you will have a community of people around to support you and share tips and recipes along the way. You will leave the course with the motivation to go it alone.

Gut Instincts is not just a health-coaching program. I show you that you can live a healthy life without the need of quick fixes like medications and shakes. I empower you to understand your gut instincts, enjoy life and treat the cause, not the symptoms.

We’ll work together; online, step-by-step every week for the 8 weeks…it’s as easy as online weekly group coaching sessions and weekly training sessions dedicated to restoring your gut health and overcoming your food intolerances, plus exercises, recipes and simple and supportive action steps you can follow in between your group coaching sessions. This will be life changing. 

You get out what you put in and those who are committed to making improvements and changes in their life will get the most from the program. I promise to give you 100% commitment; you have to promise the same for your health.


  • You will be self-sufficient and know how to listen to your body in order to determine the best diet and lifestyle for you.
  • Have a new understanding of your individual dietary needs and that they will be different at the various stages of your life.
  • Understand that food is only one key part of improving your overall health and wellbeing so even if you have the cleanest diet in the world you could still have digestive disorders if other areas are out of balance.
  • The foolproof plan for getting the body you have always wanted.
  • Feel free and in control of your gut not having to stress about what foods to eat everyday.
  • Be positive and full of energy to tackle your busy days.
  • Body confident to wear your fitted clothes again without having to be aware of your stomach.
  • Eat normally and enjoy the foods you love without the bloating worry.
  • Do the exercises you enjoy without feeling conscious.
  • Enjoy life again feeling carefree and not taking things so seriously. 

In 8 weeks you will get………


Gut Guide 1 
Start the body awareness – Food and Mood

Gut Guide 2 
Remove and Replace

Gut Guide 3 
Rest and Repair

Gut Guide 4 


Gut Guide 5
Manage stress and anxiety

Gut Guide 6 
Sleep Smarter

Gut Guide 7 
Self care and self love

Gut Guide 8 


Gut Guide 9 
Toxins and Environment

Gut Guide 10

Gut Guide 11 
Strengthen Connections

Gut Guide 12 
Cultivate Resilience


Exciting call with Lara for 1 hour to really delve deep into your lifestyle, symptoms, health goals and desires. In order to understand where you are right now regarding your health and where you want to be.
Her aim is to help you find out why you have digestive issues and learn the steps to fix them.
A chance to connect with Lara and book in your group coaching sessions for the next 8 weeks. 


Weekly infamous ‘Gut Guides’ to help you through the week making this a manageable lifestyle. Included: recipes for inflammation, vegan and meat eaters,  exercises and techniques always aimed at raising your awareness around your body.
Research, explanations and educational information to help you fully understand whats going on with your gut.
Mindset, stress and anxiety tips and techniques to understand how it could be impacting you and how to manage and improve it.
Intolerance test if you wish and guidance on suitable foods.

“The sessions with Lara have had a dramatic impact on my lifestyle. She has raised my self-awareness and made me think about me, and what I want, rather than only others. This has meant that I have been able to focus on making changes to improve my attitude towards myself permanently. Although I first starting working with Lara to help control my IBS she has helped improve my confidence and changed my negative thinking as well. I have enjoyed working with Lara and she has been very professional, supportive and motivating asking good thought provoking questions in a non judgemental way”.

Ruth Shaw

"Healthy Microbiome = improved health, easier fat loss and better digestion"


A private and exclusive Facebook forum to connect with other highly committed rejuvenated health seekers who are determined to get the health they deserve away from digestive issues
Networking and support.
Help each other by sharing ideas, recipes, emotions and more.
Make new friends that know what you’re going through.



Full email access to Lara for 8 weeks. Submit your questions directly to her for personalised help and guidance.
Weekly online group coaching sessions lasting 60 minutes to address your questions from the week, clarification on the Gut Guides, steps to move forward, help, accountability, support and motivation.
Challenging any limiting beliefs you may have around your health.

"All disease begins in the gut"

It’s not all about the food and bloating when you work with me. The benefits are always different and exciting.

“Thanks to Lara Jezeph and her coaching. Lara has taught me that it isn’t necessarily about size but about confidence. In January I never thought I would confidently wear my bikini. I’m proud of my curves and am learning to love my body and am working with Lara to improve what I have, mentally and physically. So I encourage people to give Lara a try…I don’t regret it”.

Louise Tyler

So what’s your gut telling you??

So what happens after you book in to the program?


WELL, I do a happy dance because I get to help someone else!




You will receive a contract to sign and then a welcome pack to read through and start getting excited about how your health is going to improve over the next 12 weeks.


You will need to complete a questionnaire in the welcome pack and send on to Lara for review before your First Consultation with her. Make sure you book your consultation and then its focus time.


So what is your gut telling you??

This step–by-step individualised health coaching program is only for women who are serious about making changes to their lifestyle to improve not only their digestive system but their overall health and wellbeing. Women who are not settling for “this is just how my body is’ and are committed to making serious changes.

I know what it feels like to live with gut issues and…. 

  • I’ve got a diploma in Personal Performance Coaching and Personal Nutrition.
  • I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor.
  • I’ve spent over £20k striving to improve my health and understanding of it
  • I live with intolerances, and I am the healthiest I have ever been.

I will never give up on my health and my experience shows that I am committed, determined and a positive ball of energy that can empower you to live the same.

Gut Instincts is no ordinary program


It’s a transformational, inside, out renewal that provides health clarity, body awareness and creates a road map to your ultimate health desire and the health you deserve for that matter.

During the 3-month program I’ll be sharing tools, techniques, and food and exercises that I’ve been using on others and myself that has actually benefitted their health and removed intolerances and IBS like symptoms. There are plenty of courses you can take and dieticians or doctors you can see that can make recommendations on your food and lifestyle but none of them take the time to really understand you, your lifestyle, your dream health goals, your concerns and your personality even.  The program is holistic and takes into consideration EVERYTHING that could be affecting your health in a negative way. It’s not all about the food you are eating.

If you don’t do the work now then you may as well stay where you are with the pills and endless tests that keep showing nothing is wrong.


You know what makes this such a special program and why I created it and so passionate about it helping people?


Because it’s got my blood, sweat, bloating and stressed out tears throughout the whole thing. I haven’t recommended anything in this that I wouldn’t have tried on myself. I got qualified as a life coach and personal trainer purely to understand my own digestion so I can then help others.  You WILL NOT get this sort of passion, commitment, enthusiasm and sheer desire for you to get results anywhere else.

Plus the program is a lifestyle change, yea it might be tough sometimes if you need to restrict your food, but the results in the long term is what makes it worthwhile and I am with you every step of the way. It’ll be an amazing journey.

No matter how many doubts creep to the surface. (Because they will.)

No matter how many times you try and fail. (We’ve all been there.)

You’ll get the health and lifestyle you crave, you just need to be committed and determined to get it.


I will give you 100% of my commitment, knowledge, experience and passion. (It’s why I left my day job to work with people just like you). I need you to do the same, not leave your day job obviously, just the commitment bit J

You will leave with a greater sense of awareness around what works for YOUR body.

You’ll feel joyful and vibrant.

You’ll be in control and confident.

You will stop starving yourself to manage the bloating.

WOW, you’re SO ready for ‘Gut Instincts’ if:

You know that what you’re doing right now isn’t working.

You have the determination to make any change needed to feel amazing again

You desire a happy, positive, energetic lifestyle were you’re not always stressed about what foods to eat.

You’re not just in it for a quick fix to lose some weight and look good in tight clothes – you’re genuinely ready to invest in your health and learn about YOUR body.

You’re a go-getter who likes to take action.

You are open minded to any new changes that could benefit your gut health.

You know the value of guided, personal health coaching.

You want to feel empowered and take back control of your health and you don’t expect me to do all the hard work for you.

WOW, you’re SO ready for ‘Gut Instincts’ if:

You’re lazy and noncommittal.
You’re not open to finding new ways to improve your health

You’re not looking for new possibilities in health and in life.

You’re a huge complainer or whiner who holds the belief that its just your body and there’s nothing that can be done.

You’re not willing to step outside the box and try new foods and exercises.

You just want a pill or diet that will help you lose weight quickly without the effort and time it takes to invest in great health.

You’re not interested in making real, changes that will benefit your health forever.

Your doctor says there is nothing wrong so they must be right. You don’t like change and are not open minded to try new techniques. You have tried everything so you may as well give up.

I spent over £20,000 in programs, courses, supplements, exercises and research floundering to get where I am today. Do you have that kind of patience and determination, that kind of time, or that kind of money? I didnt think so…We can start improving your health quickly or you can keep trying to DIY till you figure it out yourself its up to you!

I’m only one woman, and I want to offer you the best tailor made program out there because we are all different.  My programs always fill up quickly, and I cant guarantee how long it will be until theres room in my program for more beautiful ladies. If you’re serious about improving your gut and overall health and wellbeing, taking control back, living your life without the stress of your stomach holding you back then the time is now.

In ‘Gut Instincts’ I’ll also include my list of preferred suppliers of alternative therapies who have been tried and tested and come highly recommended.

I don’t just work with anyone, you have to be determined and willing to do whatever it takes to improve your health. There are no quick fixes here or magic pills to take. You will be investing in not only me as a health coach but in your passion and enthusiasm to change. I only make a limited number of places available each month, so I can allow my clients full access to me ensuring everything is tailor made for them. Claim your place here before someone who is more committed to her health takes it.

Claim your place today gaining access to all the below bonus offerings:

  • Tried and tested exercise sequence you can do in your own home to help alleviate digestive discomfort.
  • A breakdown list of alcohol ranking from best to worst for digestive problems.
  • A complete recipe guide on how to host a gluten and dairy free afternoon tea for you and your girlfriends.

Places are filling up quickly, and I am limited to a certain number of women every month.

Tired of being bloated all the time?


Do you know what the classic definition of Crazy is?

“To continue to do things the same way and expect different results. The truth is, if nothing changes, nothing changes.”

You can keep going back and forth between diets. Try personal trainers to get you into shape.  Get an intolerance test done, then what? The latest diet your friends are trying does not seem to work for you, so you stop and wait until you find a new one. You are still bloated getting trained by your personal trainer until you eventually lose confidence. You find out you’re intolerant to certain foods and try removing them for a while until you get bored of the lack of variety and just deal with the consequences of stomach pains and cramps again. If you want to make real changes to your health and reclaim control of your gut, then today is the day. No one else has the power to make this step other than you. If you finally want to lose some weight, reduce the bloating and stomach cramps, understand what your body needs and get your energy back then take the first step.

“Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle”

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