“The progress you made while training for the fitness show was impressive and I prefer to gather info from people that walk the walk. Plus you have always been one of the intelligent ones and I knew in the back of my mind that I’d get clear and concise advice and I was right. You nailed that fact that I was on too low carbs and I’ve been following the advice you gave me and have come down from 19% to 15% body fat in the last 6 weeks and still falling!”

Mr R.Grigg

“I am a nurse and work with Lara’s mum who introduced me to her as I had been recently diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and needed dietary advice. I was also taking Roaccutane for my skin problems and was concerned about coming off them. Lara patiently went through my lifestyle, exercise regime, current dietary intake, fluids and stresses.

It became abundantly clear that I was consuming completely the wrong foods and fluids. I consumed far too much caffeine and processed drinks for a start. My first step was to cut out Diet Coke and squash and drink more water. My skin, which had always been problematic, started to improve. I changed my diet from the advice given from heavily carbohydrate based to more protein rich involving meats, nuts, avocado and bone broth! We regularly went through my diet intake to refine certain elements.

Lara also introduced me to some lifestyle tips. I am a regular runner but I struggle to relax my mind at times. I used a meditation app that was suggested by Lara, which is brilliant.

Over the past 10 weeks I have lost just under a stone, my skin is nearly perfect, I feel better in my mood and feel healthier all round. I am no longer taking Roaccutane either. Lara is an excellent life coach I would highly recommend her services”.

Ms Caroline Smith

“In terms of my needs, in essence they’re twofold emotional and physical.  I can turn to you in confidence. I am a middle aged male going through a varied time of life.  Totally motivated by my health and business. I came to you for coaching in the confidence that you know your environment.

As a coach I have drawn a lot from your desire to improve and your drive and motivation towards yourself and others. It’s your ability to motivate me to maintain a constant effort in the area of physical well being which allows for greater motivation and confidence. You’re also easy to talk too (very important)”.

Mr G.White

“You look at health holistically and your good at giving balance, as you are a well rounded, likeable person”.

Miss H. Blakemore

“The sessions with Lara have had a dramatic impact on my lifestyle . She has raised my self awareness and made me think about me, and what I want, rather than only others. This has meant that I have been able to focus on making changes to improve my attitude towards myself permanently. Although I first starting working with Lara to help control my IBS she has helped improve my confidence and changed my negative thinking.

I have enjoyed working with Lara and she has been very professional, supportive and motivating asking good thought provoking questions in a non judgemental way”.

Miss R. Shaw

“I trust you and your advice. You have been through a lot that I can relate to. You are not the type of person to just tell people what they want to hear. Advice you offer comes from your own trials and errors and that’s hopeful”.

Miss B. Alderson

“Working with Lara has been a pleasure and has enabled me to make substantial progress towards my health goals. She has a relaxed and warm style, which made it easy to be open and honest with her about myself, allowing me to explore my motivations and concerns. Her questions were insightful and challenged me on areas where I was either holding myself back with limiting beliefs or procrastination.
I worked with Lara over a number of months and came away from sessions with a more resourceful outlook and motivation to take action. Reflecting on my progress at the beginning of each session helped to raise my self-awareness and carry learning forward from week-to-week.
Lara is passionate about empowering people to achieve their health goals and I would happily recommend her to anyone wanting a dedicated, motivated and friendly coach”.

Mrs P. Barker

“Working with Lara as a coach has really been an eye opener. She has allowed me to reflect on the changes I wished to make in my life. What I initially saw as a top priority soon changing after discovering what truly was important to me in my life.

Lara has allowed me to learn of the options I had available, some of which were a great surprise to me. I have seen a big change in the actions I am taking, which have shown my strength and ability to meet my goals.

Lara is a great coach and really listens to what you are saying allowing you to get the results you truly desire”.

Mrs I. Bansal

“I was impressed by your honesty about the challenges you experienced and your results when you did your fitness competition. I think some coaches seem too perfect, therefore not approachable. You are approachable”.

Miss M. Culver

“I am a teacher and under a lot of pressure at work, often never having time to eat let alone breathe. I started doing some belly
breathing techniques after Lara suggested I tried it to manage my stress levels. It was great because it really helps calm me plus I noticed that my stomach was less bloated as well.

Since working with Lara, I feel more confident in myself and have a raised self-esteem. My stress levels are lower and I feel more energised and motivated in daily tasks. I have even lost some weight and I am beginning to wear clothes that in January I was planning to throw away (I even have a bikini for holiday!) My fitness is the best it has been for many years and I know it will continue to improve with Lara’s help.

Miss L. Tyler

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