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THE GREATEST digital portal for mums to have access to in 2023!!


How to heal, recover and ultimately thrive in your first 2 years of motherhood. Everything from food, mindset, pelvic floor and core.


This toolkit is jam packed with care and support for mums because they deserve it.


1) Six part video interview series of passionate womens health professionals:

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist - Pelvic floor, leaking, kegels and more with Kylie Rankin.

Midwife - Golden nuggets every mum needs to know for a great recovery postpartum with Nikita Gardiner.

Perinatal Psychologist - Depression, baby blues and mum guilt with Dr Angie Willcocks.

Naturopath - Gut health, hormones and blood checks with Allison Buckley.

Hypnotherapist - When it comes to stress, anxiety and guilt, how can we deal with our monkey mind with Alyce Seneca

Chiropractor - How chiropractic care isn't about cracking backs with Dr Buzz (Susan) Tidy.


2) Food Guide: Postpartum recovery, healing and nourishment including simple and quick recipes and snacks with an example 7 day food plan.


3) Self Care Guide for Mums including 8mins self love meditation. The most important guide here to help with gaining the support mums deserve and being confident to ask for that support.


4) What's your gut telling you guide - How to improve your gut health postpartum and how to know if you're suffering with an imbalance.


5) Printable self love affirmations for mums - Pick out ones that resonate with you and stick them around the house to help shift that mindset into calm, happiness and guilt free motherhood.



1) Exercises and stretches to combat the breastfeeding hunch at home.

2) What to expect in an internal assessment for your pelvic floor. 3) How the monkey mind works and why it's important when it comes to feeling calm and helping with mum guilt.

4) Understanding ab separation, checking yourself and what to do to recover.

5) The best ways to start strengthening your core and pelvic floor.



1) Snack ideas that are nutrient dense, quick and easy to boost energy, sleep better, heal and help with milk supply.

2) Cheat Sheet for mums, created by mums. "What I would do/have done second time round".

3) Powerful audio to help boost your confidence - How to love your body now!


Made with love from one mum to another,


Lara x


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